Housing Enabler Training Courses

Since several years, associate professor Susanne Iwarsson and co-workers give courses on the Enabler Concept and the administration of Housing Enabler assessments. Recently, after the development of the Housing Enabler software, the courses have been complemented with training on computerized data analyses. This part of the courses is held in collaboration with system technician Björn Slaug at Slaug Data Management AB. Until now, all participants have only given very positive course evaluations. Please feel free to contact us for references.

The courses comprise three or four days, scheduled for 2+1 or 2+2 days, depending on the intensity of the course. In between the course gatherings, the participants should perform one or more Housing Enabler assessments, with clients in real environments.

There is no official course agenda scheduled, since we prefer to offer locally arranged courses in different locations and countries, upon request. The courses are given in Swedish or English, depending on the participants' wishes. The participants are most often occupational therapists, but the course can be adapted to suit other participant groups, homogenous as well as mixed.

Anyone who is interested in arranging a local course is encouraged to contact Susanne Iwarsson or Björn Slaug, and we will give you a suggestion for the arrangement. The costs for each course may vary according to travel expenses, number of instructors required, local arrangements, etc., and all courses must be contracted in advance.

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